Cooler Master has 2 production sites, in Huizhou and Kunshan respectively, and 5 production plants. The plant in Kunshan is mainly for assembly of heat exchangers and laptop cooling modules for sake of capitalizing on Automotive and Laptop supply chains. The major production site is in Huizhou, comprised of 4 plants – Passive Cooling Component and Module plant, Active Cooling Module and System plant, Ultra-Precision Machining plant, and System Assembly plant. Each plant runs like a fully functional company encompassing quality assurance, procurement, R&D, administrative and logistic teams.

Cooler Master has implemented Lean manufacturing since 2005 – foundation of continual improvement, core mindsets deeply rooted in corporate culture. We set up clear yearly targets in following 5 main areas – reduce internal failure cost (IFC), minimize lead time, lower inventory, optimize space usage, and optimize utilization – and strictly adhere to our targets through periodical internal reviews. Since 2017 we started 3-year Industrial 4.0 program for full transformation to smart manufacturing through automation, intelligent monitor and control, and buidling big data and analytics capability.


With significant increase in the complexity of the technological processes and industrial requirements, Cooler Master gradually adopted automation onto key processes to improve quality, productivity, yield. Furthermore, automation helps to reduce the lead time between customer order and product delivery and to mitigate labor shortage risks, providing a competitive advantage to the manufacturer for order fulfilment and customer satisfaction. By reducing manufacturing lead time, the manufacturer also reduces work-in-process inventory.

Taking production line of vapor chamber (VC) in Passive Cooling Component and Module plant, we have automated key processes including placement of copper columns, evacuation and sealing, Q-min testing, etc. Through automation, the capacity gradually was expanded to 500K units per month in 2016 from less than 160K units when the production line was established in 2009. With advantages of direct contact onto high heat-flux heat source, immunity to gravity, and improvement of thermal performance, VC is widely accepted and applied in various applications today and Cooler Master has been recognized for our most reliable quality and highest flexibility in the industry.

MES tracking and monitoring system

Cooler Master self-developed Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The implementation and progress is shown as above. By monitoring and recording all the key risk factors during production procedure, we are able to analyze the root causes once anomaly happens and to further prevent potential quality issues from happening. Cooler Master accumulates the analytic data which becomes our know-how beneficial for our customers.

Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the heart of our business execution. Thanks to the customer-centric corporate culture and continual improvement mindsets, we focus on the fundamentals – How can we do today to optimize today’s and tomorrow’s production ? Through constructing empowering environment, technical knowledge, intelligent monitor and control system, and little-boss incentive program, every employee is fully aware of his or her own productivity and has motivation to perform and improve his or her jobs everyday. As our corporate commitment, we believe the execution defines the vision and there is no limitation of exceeding excellence. In the end, we measure our success by our customer’s success.

3-year Industrial 4.0 Program and Goal