Multi-disciplinary computing and simulation is used to assure the structural integrity, performance, durability against external forces, manufacturing optimization, and design requirement meet the customer’s budget and schedule. Cooler Master’s AI assisted computational experience helps fast track the process by consolidating the experience and data during the design phase by offering technically and visually complex models of the product before the mockup stage. By working in tandem with our customers, we are able to ensure that our customers deliver the best solution possible.


As the experts in thermal design, Cooler Master is dedicated to making each manufactured part as efficient as possible. By performing thermal simulations, we test how effective the heat will be dissipated and the effects on the part itself in a real-world situation. AI assisted simulation helps us anticipate unbalanced heat distribution, possibilities of failure that may occur over extended usage, and provides a clear insight on how to resolve these issues.


Solve complex mechanical and engineering problems to make better and faster decisions. We are able to understand how designed parts are affected by specific parameters. With multi-disciplinary computing and simulation, Cooler Master generates accurate models to see how the structure of custom designs perform under certain scenarios.


We simulate our customer’s designs to explore and improve performance of each product life cycle. This ensures that each product coming off our production line exceeds our customer’s expectations. Overall, the simulation services offered by Cooler Master is an essential tool to improve and shorten the design process and provide a level of quality that Cooler Master is proud to stand behind.