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The energy consumption of modern AI and deep learning in data centers has skyrocketed due to the advent of new technology. CPU support for heavy workloads in such high performance applications become increasingly important.

Technology Background

In order to effectively dissipate the heat generated by CPUs in the limited space of 2U 8 socket server system, liquid cooling technology must be adopted because current air-cooled solution is inadequate for the high TDP of CPU. Together with Hyve Solutions, Cooler Master has developed a unique liquid cooling system in the industry for 1U/2U server systems.

Cool It Down, Master Yourself

Symmetrical Design of
Dual Liquid Cooling Modules

The Liquid Cooling Module adopts a symmetrical heat dissipation layout design. Two independent systems on the left and right sides can dissipate the heat generated from multiple CPUs and strengthen the performance of the heat dissipation overall.

Cool It Down, Master Yourself

24mm Extreme Space
Ultimate Compatibility

The Liquid Cooling Module adopts a special flat design. The measurement of the cold plate module with pump is only 24mm for its height which can be fitted into 1U chassis and provide a perfect heat dissipation for a 2U 8 socket server system with Intel’s Cooper Lake platform.

Cool It Down, Master Yourself

Single Radiator Dual Pump Design
Perfect Liquid Cooling Solution

The Liquid Cooling Module adopts the design of a single radiator with dual pump. The water tanks on both sides are lengthened and connected directly by seven flattened tubes; the tanks on both sides are designed as one way in and out direction only.

7 Flattened Tubes

The water tanks on both sides are connected by 7 specially designed of the flattened tubes to increase the capacity of the liquid transmission for water tanks. The combination of flattened tubes arrangement and cooling fins on the top expands the area of the radiator and is more efficiently in the heat dissipation process.

Outstanding Design Of 173mm Water Chamber

The Liquid Cooling Module adopts the design of a lengthening water tank on both sides which increases the liquid storage capacity for the liquid cooling system, thus extending the service life of the system and ensuring the stability of heat dissipation performance.

Unique Sandwich-Like Design of Radiator
Brings Better Performance of The Liquid Cooling Module

The Liquid Cooling Module adopts Cooler Master's unique sandwich-like radiator layout. There are seven flattened tubes are connected between the water tanks on both sides with three 4056 fans installed in the middle. By applying the layout, the heat dissipation performance is maximized in the limited space of 1U chassis.

Cool It Down, Master Yourself

Patented Technology of Dual Rotor Water Pump

Each pump on the liquid cooling module adopts the dual rotor technology patented by Cooler Master. The powerful dual rotor run at full speed to move the coolant through the system, doubling the heat exchange performance and comprehensively improving the heat dissipation process for the liquid cooling module.

Cool It Down, Master Yourself

Integrated Design Of Cold Plate And Pump

The integration design of the copper coldplate and water pump is adopted in the liquid cooling module. While the coolant passing through the water pump with the special design of the internal flow channels that allow the coolant passing to the coldplate directly, it takes away the heat transferred from the CPU on the cold plate more quickly.

Cool It Down, Master Yourself

540W Super Withstand Power
55°C Heat Source Temperature Control

After rigorous test with ambient temperature at 25°C (≤±2°C), the CPUs’ highest temperature on the upper surface measured does not exceed 55°C.