Building railroads across permafrost or extremely cold regions comes with the challenge of preventing the ground from thawing during warm days to ensure the reliability of the infrastructure. Cooler Master uses thermosyphon heat exchangers to keep the ground frozen and at a constant temperature. Our thermosyphon designs are economical, long lasting and low maintenance.


Similar to heat pipes, thermosyphon are partially filled with liquid and vacuum sealed. The liquid absorbs the heat and evaporates until it is cooled down and returns to the heat source. Thermosyphon moves the liquid back to the heat source without wick material and instead relies on gravity and natural convection. Often design in a U-shape or C-shape, the thermosyphon evaporator is located underground and below the road where the liquid cumulates and absorbs the heat and the condenser above ground, exposed to the wind and elements for heat dissipation. Even if the ground thaws, the railroad with thermosyphon remains at the same temperature and in the same state of hardness, ensuring a stable foundation for the vehicles moving above.