Cooler Master is committed to partners in developing the most efficient renewable energy plants to create a better and cleaner future. Our break-through thermal technologies are used in utility-scale, commercial and residential PV and wind turbine solutions by cooling the main heat sources – IGBT and power modules. We offer different types of thermal solutions that provide exceptional quality with market-leading cost structures.

Cooler Master has emerged as one of the most relied on thermal solution partners for photovoltaic projects; especially for the internal inverter systems ranging from kW to MW sized PV power plants. Cooler Master offers various types of heat exchangers such as phase transition and thermosiphon to control the environmental temperature and endure harsh conditions.

To manage higher power density and keep temperatures of power module constant over time, Cooler Master provides an active liquid cooling system to have IGBTs mounted on cold plates or heat pipe modules. For residential, we provide die-casted frame embedded with heat pipes or vapor chambers for best balanced of performance and overall cost.

With growing demand for wind energy solutions, wind turbine manufacturers are turning to Cooler Master for expertise in design and scaling thermal solutions for onshore and offshore wind turbines; to provide smart and easy to implement cooling for utility-scale and smaller wind energy solutions. Utility-scale projects are able to ulitize Cooler Master hybrid coolers to achieve the optimal balance of size, weight, and cooling capacity remove additional heat loads by spreading them out adequately. Smaller scale projects are able to utilize air cooling solutions with heat exchangers for simple and cost-effective solutions.