With the explosive growth of cloud data centers for artificial intelligence processing and other applications, servers are required to run 24/7 with the highest speeds possible; thermal management becomes crucial in keeping the data centers running with minimal down-time. At the same time, reducing energy use with efficient thermal solutions has become an important part of running such massive infrastructures. Additional benefit is the reduction in total cost of ownership, where the cost of running and maintaining thermal systems is reduced over the long-run for data centers.


Since 2010, Cooler Master has invested in R&D to make liquid coolling a cost-effective and reliable solution for servers and data centers. We decided to design and develop the key components of liquid cooling systems to ensure the sustainability and performance met the standards of the most powerful high-density computing infrastructures. These key parts would mean Cooler Master would dedicate itself to provide the industry’s leading-edge designs for the pump, cold plate, reservoir, quick connector and more.

Wtihin five years, the Cooler Master factory was well-equipped for full production of different types of liquid cooling solutions for high-density computing. Cooler Master, in collaboration with our customers started to roll-out closed loop (tray-level) and open loop (rack level) solutions and have quickly become the leading provider of cloud data center cooling technology to the world’s biggest service providers.


Cooler Master provides hybrid cooling, air cooling and liquid cooling solutions for different data center facilities; from renewing existing data centers to building a new cooling solution. Regarding air cooling solutions, we offer semi-standard parts for servers of 1U, 1.5U, 2U, and tower to address air flow, space, and layout/routing limitations. Regardign lliquid solutions, we offer closed loop and open loop solutions. And with we offer hybrid solutions to fit the needs of more complicated data centers that require customized solution to operate 24/7, hassel free.