Cooler Master’s award-winning thermal components have gained a reputation for innovative design and high-performance under its own brand and sold at retailers worldwide. These highly sought after components: air cooling, liquid cooling and fans, play an essential role in cooling desktop computers to maximize performance and longevitiy with an added touch of asethetics.

Top gaming brands in the desktop and mobile industry depend on Cooler Master’s thermal expertise. With our design and manufacturing capabilities, we have been the partner of choice to cool components that range from: CPU processors, graphics cards, pre-built systems, laptops and mobile devices.

Desktop Cooling

With our thorough understanding of PC gaming and active involvment in the gaming community, Cooler Master is the leading provider of thermal solutions for the world’s top-tier gaming components. Our thermal solutions are used to cool high-performance CPU processors and graphics cards that can be found in retailers worldwide. Our cooling solutions are designed for each customer to enable their unique brand and performance to be realized; thus allowing the products to run at optimal speeds to unlock full potential of the latest gaming graphics.


Gaming laptops present challenges of cooling with restricted space and design limitations, yet require the performance and stability of powerful gaming desktops. Cooler Master’s team of world-class engineers will be deloyed to tackle each project to evaluate, test, design and provide unique solutions to meet production schedules for our customers. As a result, Cooler Master has helped adapt technologies such as vapor chamber and flattened heat-pipes to solve the heat issues of laptops. We have even made liquid cooling possible for gaming laptops, with break-through in hot-swappable liquid cooled docking for our customer.

Mobile Gaming

With mobile gaming dominantng the market, hardware manufacturers are looking for ways to squeeze more performance into smaller devices. This is where Cooler Master’s ability to work with our customers to study and find viable solutions for projects of any size.

Because of the limitations presented by these smaller devices, Cooler Master’s engineers pushes the envelope in developing break-through slim and passive cooling designs to fit ultra-slim vapor chamber and flatten heatpipes into today’s mobile gaming devices.

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

With virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) being the future of gaming, Cooler Master invests heavily into research and development to help our customers utilize different types of active and passive solutions that fit into minature wearable devices and massive systems and spaces. For example, Cooler Master has developed technologies that allow super slim fans of 2mm in thickness that deliver low noise, good performance and be robust.