Cooler Master’s thermal technology is specially designed to be high-performance, robust and effective to be used for various automotive technologies. Our team applies our most advanced design principles and scalable technologies to help customers to solve thermal managment issues that range from ADAS in existing and future vehicles to charge stations for electric vehicles to advanced lighting systems.

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Advanced driving assistance systems are improving road safety by helping drivers with detection and alert for dangerous road conditions such as 360 degree view of surroundings, automation of lighting, automation of driving and object detection. And when self-driving vehicles hit the road, ADAS will be even more powerful. Cooler Master’s team is able to scale our technology and work with our customers to design and implement cooling solutions that meet the stringent requirements for these compact and powerful systems.

Charging Station

Cooler Master provides series of thermosiphon heat exchanger solutions for dispersed fast-charge piles of 30kW, 60kW, 90kW, 120kW, 150kW to 180kW, supplemented by a sub-system of water cooling when necessary; to fulfill the demands of low-cost but high-performance. For centralized fast-charge piles of 240kW, 300kW, 360kW, 450kW, 600kW to 720kW, our solutions include liquid cooling sub-system solutions, including heat exchanger supplemented by cold plates, considering the fore-front investment, electricity savings, and easy maintenance. For customers who want to upgrade the power modules inside the station but to consider the cost of cabinet and the conventional connectivity; Cooler Master also provides heat pipe modules or liquid cooling module replacements.

Automotive Headlights

As new technologies such as AFL (Adaptive Forward Lighting), ultra-high resolution LED headlights, and laser lights become widely implemented, finding experts that can help with the thermal management becomes a major challenge. Because of Cooler Master’s experience and indepth knowledge, we are one of the most trusted and relied on partners.