Cooler Master has been a leading cooling solution provider for wireless mobile telecommunications since 3G networks were brought to the masses. Together with our customers, our cooling technology is deployed into 3G network infrastructures around the world. As we now move from 4G to 5G, Cooler Master continues to be an integral part of the eco-system that will revolutionaize the future of connectivity. We look forward to being a part of the future of connected and intelligent services to serve consumers, enterprises and take artificial intellgience and internet of things to the next level.

Cooler Master technologies provide a line-up of projects and technologies for various outdoor and indoor sub-applications including: Radio Unit, Baseband Unit, Cabinet & Enclosure, and Backhaul Optical Module.

Radio Unit

Taking the key factors into consideration that affect thermal performance, outdoor requirements, weight and cost-effectiveness, Cooler Master provides total thermal solutions for frame heat sinks, PA plates and modules. As new standards emerge like antenna arrays integrated into the radio access, we are ready to provide thermal fin heat sinks as enhanced natural convection cooling solution to significantly improve heat dissipation efficiency.

Baseband Unit

Both indoor and outdoor baseband units are required to be more compact while the chipsets and FPGAs evolve toward higher power density. Cooler Master provides total heat sink solutions embedded with heat pipe or vapor chambers to meet surging thermal requirements. At the join-design stage, we take into account overall forced convection environment to proactively propose to our customers for optimal design.

Cabinet & Enclosure

Water and dust proofing, as well as easy maintenance are crucial in addition to thermal performance for customers to choosing the appropriate cooling solutions in the first place especially for the installation in harsh or extreme environments.

Backhaul Optical Module

To ensure the performance and reliability of the Optical transceiver Module amid multiple interconnects, Cooler Master invested in ultra-high precision machining-centric production line equipped with Helium leak test equipment. In addition, we are developing advanced cooling solutions for next-gen Optical modules which require less strict vacuum hermetic level but much higher power density generated by laser diodes.