A world’s leading gaming hardware, software, and system provider approached Cooler Master to provide the thermal solution for its 2nd generation gaming phone.


For a long time, the thermal solution for phones is nothing more than graphite, or heat pipe. As the CPU & GPU wattage of mobile phones is getting higher and higher, the original design has a bottleneck in the improvement of heat dissipation performance. Cooler Master was required to develop a thermal solution with a significant performance for a gaming phone, to improve its performance under numerous user scenarios, such as playing games, watching videos, texting, and communicating in the same time.


This gaming phone uses Qualcomm Snapdragon® 845 platforms (2.8GHz) with Adreno 630 graphics, Cooler Master specially developed the Ultra Slim Vapor Chamber to replace the existed solution – Graphite or heat pipe. With only 0.4mm thin dimension, nozzle-free and able to dissipate the heat from multi-sources, Cooler Master successfully helped the customer to launch the 1st 4G gaming phone which uses ultra slim VC as a thermal solution in the market.


According to Cooler Master’s internal lab data, the ultra slim VC could able dissipate the heat generated by 9W heat sources (in anti-gravity orientations). In the market, this gaming phone’s AnTuTu score exceeded over 283,000 points (Geekbench; 2,026/single core and 8,234/dual core). Fully demonstrate the unparalleled performance of this phone, from the choice of the most advanced thermal solution.