Social and environmental accountability Commitment

Cooler Master is a global supplier of cooling products and services, the goal was established to provide the best thermal solutions in this industry. Through twenty years of development, we still adhere to the original intention of being a world leadership position with the growing scale of operation, continue to provide products and service, earnestly implement the scientific concept of development, actively fulfill corporate social environmental accountability, consciously put corporate social environmental accountability into the corporation’s strategy, corporate culture and production and business activities, and strive to build an employee satisfaction, social harmony corporation.

Cooler Master based on the requirements of EICC, SA8000, OHSAS18001, ISO14001, EU RoHS, REACH regulations and Customer Supplier Code of Conduct and the applicable law and regulations in corporation’s business location to establish and fulfill corporate social environmental accountability, and communicated to the supplier.

Expectations to all Suppliers

Cooler Master has committed to implementing the honest business behavior and social environmental accountability in the supply chain. Cooler Master expected all partners in the supply chain respect for human dignity, workplace health and safety and environmental protection requirements, expect all suppliers to comply with, and communicate to their supply chains.

SEA commitment and policy

Cooler Master full implement corporate social environmental accountability, to ensure the workplace occupational health and safety, maintain the interests of the staffs and be responsible for the environment in the production process; the corporation has set up a committee to implement corporate social environmental accountability, in accordance with international conventions, national laws and regulations, customer requirements to establish the system that adapt to the development of corporation and continue to improve.

  • Comply with the laws and regulations of labor, ethics, health, safety and environmental in business location and relevant international standards.
  • Respect the freedom of employees, prohibit any form of threat, coercion, repression, abduction, fraud, slavery and labor trafficking.
  • Prohibit to use child labor, does not accept any suppliers or subcontractors to use child labor or forced labor.
  • Provide a safe and healthy working and living conditions, ensure employee safety and health.
  • Adhere to environmental regulations.
  • Promote labor-management cooperation, respect for freedom of association and collective bargaining rights of employees.
  • Provide equal and fair work environment, prohibit any form of discrimination.
  • Respect the basic human rights of employees, prohibit any form of degrading behavior.
  • Reasonable arrangement for production planning, reasonable arrangement for employees working hours and rest time.
  • Provide reasonable wages and benefits, at least meet the basic needs of employees.
  • Cooperate with legal suppliers, do not purchase and use the products or materials are made of conflict minerals offered by the republic of the Congo and surrounding countries.
  • All transactions are transparent, prohibit false and falsified records.
  • Fair trade, do not bribe to the interests provider to obtain benefits, prohibit collude with peers, customers, suppliers for price gouging.
  • Respect and protect the privacy and intellectual property rights of customers, suppliers, employees.

Labor and Ethics policy

  • Maintain the interests of employees
  • Compliance with ethics laws and regulations
  • Continued to improve labor relations
  • Create an employee satisfaction corporation

Occupational health and safety policy

  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Safe operation
  • Full participation
  • Continuous improvement

Environmental Policy

  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Energy saving and consumption reducing
  • Pollution prevention
  • Continuous improvement