Cooler Master totally invested 5 million USD to create laboratories with the international advanced level of testing equipment and team to provide professional, equitable, scientific one-stop mechanical , thermal , electronic and electrical products inspection, testing services.

In 2016 Cooler Master obtained the ISO/IEC17025 Certification with the certification number CNAS-L8367, total 13 approved test categories including environmental protection testing, physical environment experiments, simulation of packaging transportation, can arrange with precision measurement, acoustic testing, optical testing, material properties etc. Hundreds of experiments which to ensure high quality product design and mass production.


Fan Tests
Progressive Anechoic Room , Air Volume/Air Pressure Tester, Fan Full Function Tester, Noise Testing System.

Precision Measurement
ZEISS CMM, Hexagon CMM, Mitutoyo Projector.

Optics Analysis
Distribution Photometer, Photoelectric Color Synthesis Test System, Illuminometer, Data Collector, Glow-wire Tester.

Environmental Experiment
WEISS Progressive Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber, Corrosive Gas Test Chamber, Thermal Shock Chamber, Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber, High temperature oven, Dust-Proof Tester, Salt Spray Tester.

Chemical Analysis
ICP-OES, GC/MS(Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry), IC(Ion chromatography), UV-VIS Spectrometer, Balance Scale.

Hazardous Substances
SIEKO Destop X-Ray Analyzer, Innov Portable X-Ray Analyzer.

Packing Experiments
Electromagnetic high-frequency vibration tester,  Pneumatic-arm Drop Tester, Bursting Strength Tester.

Characteristic Analysis
Electroplating Film Thickness Meter,  Push/Pull Tester, Alcohol Abrasion Tester, Color Meter, Gloss Meter, Electric Pencil.