Cooler Master, Your Thermal Solution Provider.

Cooler Master Corp (CMC) was founded with the mission of creating values and achieving win-win scenarios for our customers through providing the industry’s best thermal solutions. To adhere to the mission, Cooler Master has relentlessly invested in technology innovation and quality system while providing total solutions and services to fulfill even the most stringent requirements in the industry. More than a continual improvement and pursuit of excellence, we have never been satisfied with the status quo. Cooler Master always work toward to the best and contribute more to our customers and the communities. With more than two-decade dedication, Cooler Master managed to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for worldwide tier-1 leaders across industries.

Cooler Master is to bring out enjoyment and satisfaction in people through INNOVATION, AGILITY, and PROFESSION. We are proud of the “Cooler Master Spirit” – by treating each other with compassion and care; we value teamwork with respect and appreciation. We improve system and process with focus and discipline; we resolve problems with creativity and Innovation, and we close deals with accountability and Integrity. Every Client is unique and exclusive, Cooler Master’s customized solutions and services that take into consideration all the needs of each client to ensure customer satisfaction and thus to develop long-term partnership through proactive engagement.


is rooted in Cooler Master’s branding and culture. With R&D expenditure accounting for approximately 8% of annual top-line, we continue expanding R&D teams composed of both industrial veterans and young talents with backgrounds in materials, thermal management, mechanical engineering, automatic control engineering, and etc. We also collaborate with prestigious research institutes for early development of leading-edge technologies. Cooler Master believes innovation is everywhere – from the ways of working to project management, from early-stage designs to post-process quality control, from thermal and mechanical simulations to capacity expansion – and the key (or the devil) is in details.


is the winning ingredient in today’s fast-moving ultra-competitive business environments. Cooler Master constantly seeks all means to improve speed and flexibility in every aspect of our operations, while ensuring quality and reliability. Starting from listening carefully and thoroughly customers’ needs and ideas, we examine own workflow and then adjust or optimize it. To meet different requirements in different industries, we stay sharp and competent in term of design cycle, ramp-up duration, and problem solving responsiveness. Cooler Master encourages our leaders to keen as a start-up company, which motivates internal entrepreneurship, we effectively eliminated bureaucracy and enhanced internal communication especially across departments/functionalities, moreover, Cooler Master embraces change and self-reflection.


highlights the core knowledge and skills required to fulfill the complicated requirements in various industries. It is also about creating and developing a platform that incorporate our capable teams and outstanding customers to address together the diverse needs in fast-changing technological trends like Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, 5G, etc. Cooler Master keeps expanding own thermal-centric portfolio with in-house manufacturing foundation to assist our customers to think and plan one leap ahead.

Our commitment to our missions and core purposes – the basis of everything we do and the spirit in which we do everything – embraces ultimate goal of customer success and being a proactive contributor to the community. It is also a commitment not only from top management but also from every single Cooler Master member. We will adhere to “Cooler Master way” and constantly improve ourselves in all aspects, to become the best partner of our value customers.